Meet the Putney Chiropractic Team

Putney Chiropractic Centre was established in 1986 and we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations. We know that a team needs all the right people on board to make for an outstanding healthcare experience and our team are positive, happy and genuinely excited about chiropractic and helping you find a solution to your problem.

 Craig McLean DC an Australian chiropractor who has a young family, possibly cycles and skis too much and has been the GB Olympic Canoe Team Chiropractor and was selected to work at the London 2012 Olympics in the athlete polyclinic. Luke Brady DC is another Australian Chiropractor who arrived in Putney in 2010 and is our in house ultra marathon runner. Bryan Thirsk DC is a Canadian chiropractor who has run his own clinic in Cork, Ireland for 10 years and represents GB at inline and ice hockey and Ami-Bree Said DC an Australian trained chiropractor who loves to hit the gym. Abigail Grace DC, a UK trained chiropractor who enjoys Bikram Yoga, dancing and muscle testing. Dr Sarah Burnett is our in-house expert musculo-skeletal radiologist who reports on all digital X-ray taken on site.

Meet our efficient and friendly administration and assistant team. We aim to exceed your expectations in health care helping you achieve clearly defined health goals in a vibrant and caring environment.

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Craig McLean


Craig McLean graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (R.M.I.T) Australia in 1994 and took over Putney Chiropractic Centre (est. 1986) in 2002. He has transformed Putney into one of the leading Chiropractic practices in the UK and with the 2009 move and expansion a new level of health care excellence was achieved that provides a fun, friendly and caring environment.

Meet Craig

Ami-Bree Said


I completed my tertiary education, consisting of a 5-year Bachelor and Masters degree in Chiropractic Science, at Macquarie University, Sydney.

After a few European holidays, I couldn’t ignore my love for London, and so I decided to turn my dreams into a reality, and make the move!

Meet Ami

Luke Brady


Luke first experienced the benefits of Chiropractic care when he was 4 years old. He had suffered from Asthma for 2 years and was continually in and out of hospital for emergency ventilation. After seeing the difference in Luke’s health his entire family started chiropractic care and now both of Luke’s brothers and sister are Chiropractors.

Meet Luke

Bryan Thirsk


Now in my sixteenth year of practice, I continue to be amazed by the impact Chiropractic makes, both to my own health and to the lives of my patients.

As a competitive athlete, I know first hand what it is like to be sidelined with pain and injury and just how important having a healthy and well-tuned body is, to all areas of life.

Meet Bryan

Abigail Grace

I love the potential of Chiropractic adjustments to rapidly – free up blocked energy, relax muscles, improve alignment and increase movement. Without doubt I believe this is the power within everybody’s nervous system. No matter what your age, or the intensity and length of your problem, your body’s intelligence is supreme!

Meet Abigail

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