Welcome to Putney Chiropractic

A team of outstanding practitioners, devoted to the promotion of health, wellbeing and restoring the body’s normal function.

Welcome, sit down and relax. We’ll take care of your body.

We will listen to your concerns and find a solution, if general health and wellbeing are your goal we’ll help you find a strategy.  We have a range of special interests such as family and pregnancy, wellbeing, pain and injury management, sports performance and postural correction.

Our clinic is set up with the latest technology to provide premium level care.

It is a calm and friendly environment where you can put your feet up and escape the stressful pace of the city.

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Meet the Team

Welcome to Putney Chiropractic Centre. We are a team of friendly professionals who have been caring for the health of London since 1987.

We have four outstanding Chiropractors in our team who all possess a wealth of experience, helping you to be at your best.

Discover more about chiropractic care

The videos below will help explain what’s involved with chiropractic care and its benefits.

Worried about coming for the first time?

Watch Emma’s video and see why there’s nothing to be scared of.

How does chiropractic fit in to overall health?

Watch this for a great lay-mans summary of how chiropractic fits into the healthcare system.

More than back pain

Reinet uses chiropractic with other alternative therapies to help her fight breast cancer.

Living with MS

Listen to Ros as she explains how her care helps her live with MS.

After a serious accident

Watch this if you’ve given up on anyone helping you with a chronic and complicated problem.

Strong backs

Nurse Silvia is now the envy of her colleagues with the strength she has in her back.

Call us on 0208 785 6144 to find out more, discuss your needs and find out how we can help you.