Our Admin Team

At Putney Chiro

We have a brilliant admin team running the front desk at Putney.

Katie is originally from Australia but now very much enjoys the Putney way of life. Kate enjoys playing basketball, netball, reading, travelling and being tall – like her brother Drew. Kate believes the world would be a better place without corriander.

Lisa is our team milliner, who in between making beautiful hats can be found behind the desk at Putney. Lisa is also the team motivator for encouraging everyone to join our weekly gym sessions.

Kate came to Putney Chiro with a barista background – she knows how to make a brilliant kiwi flat white! Kate very much believes you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Kayleigh is our Practice Manager for both Putney and Tooting. Kayleigh has a love of Jurassic Park and even owns one of the Jurassic Park Jeeps which she rents our for events!

The whole team are regularly adjusted and love living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Every Wednesday lunchtime we have a team workout and regularly head out together after work at Putney’s many brilliant establishments.