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Putney Chiropractic has been a leader in Chiropractic services to London for over 30 years. We normally have a team of five Chiropractors working full time (5/6 shifts over the whole 7 days a week). We tend to have a great mix of International Chiropractors and would love to meet you if you think you have something that could add to our clinic. Sometimes there is an opportunity to take over an existing practice, at other times we can work with you to build a practice from scratch. We are closely linked with our family of practices co-owned by Craig McLean called, when you join us you have access to becoming a member of the bigger team of us to 15 Chiropractors who regularly get together for CPD or social events.

The best person to contact is our owner Dr Craig Mclean on [email protected].

Update Jan/Feb 2019: We have one of our long term associate Chiropractors relocating and we have an opening for the right Chiropractor to continue their legacy. This is a rare opportunity so do not hesitate to contact Craig registering your interest.

“I consider Putney Chiropractic to be a leader in the field of Chiropractors. I know nowhere that allows you to essentially be your own boss and to work in the clinic as though you own it yourself – but at the same time you have the full support of the team (and now Chiro.London Team) behind you.” Mike Hutchinson, The Peloton Accountancy – specialist Chiropractor and Dental Accountants.

*Pictured above, past and present Chiropractors and length of their associateships, left to right – Sophie (3 years), Phil (founder 1988 – 9 years), Ami Bree (4 years), Conor (3 month locum), Craig (owner since 2002), Bryan (4 years), Carlyle (5 years), Don (5 years) and Luke (8 years).


Our front desk team, commonly referred to as CA’s (Chiropractors Assistants), are a vital members of our group. We need a smiley face to meet and greet both in person and when the phone rings. Please do get in touch with our operations manager [email protected] as we are often looking for the right people to help build our growing Chiro.London Team.

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