Zoe’s story

“My daughter, Zoë (5), struggled with her general health for many years.

She’d had frequent falls as a toddler, and always seemed to suffer with conjunctivitis and ear problems – including perforated eardrums on three occasions. On Christmas Eve 2004 she went over the handlebars of her scooter and landed on her chin! She had had terrible hearing for quite a few months before, but this event made it much worse.

She seemed to be on a never-ending spiral of ill health until I took her to see a homeopath in South Africa in April 2004. She spent over an hour asking questions before examining Zoë, and then she told me that Zoë had a subluxation of her C1 vertebra.

I had taken Zoë to two ENT specialists who had both recommended a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, which I was very reluctant to have done.

After our return to London, I was eager to take Zoë to a chiropractor but had to wait as she contracted glandular fever and then chicken pox straight afterwards. My parents had started a prayer chain with their church for Zoë as her health was in such a dreadful state, and we were all feeling exhausted and desperate. Then, after a quick search on the internet, I came across Putney Chiropractic Centre and was immediately drawn to their focus on children.

She now goes for regular check-ups as the benefits are immense. It’s something I would recommend to everyone, and you couldn’t find a more friendly and committed team as the wonderful people at Putney Chiropractic Centre. Thank you!”

Karen & Zoe McCathie