Yoga and Chiropractic

Yoga & Chiropractic


Chiropractic, simply explained, is the detection and correction of specific spinal blockages or misalignments with the aim to improve spinal and nervous system function.

A spine that moves well and is free of these subluxated spinal segments allows the nervous system to function better and as a result all things controlled by the nervous system function without interference. (N.B. The nervous system controls every cell and system of the human body).

So that’s the specifics sorted then, what about the bigger picture what else can be done? This is where I feel yoga helps us, on the more global spinal scale.

Stresses on the body of not moving enough (desk work, sedentary type lifestyles, etc..) or moving too much (exercise, repeating lifting, etc…) create poor spinal function on a global scale, resulting in poor posture and general inflexibility of your spine. Yoga is a great way to help get your spine moving by deeply stretching and opening up those blocked, restricted areas. Specifically the hips, low back and neck. Sometimes yoga challenges your body a step too far when you launch into it quickly. If you take you time and listen to your body it is a great way to help keep your body young and supple.

It’s not just the movement though, it helps you relax and breath the way nature intended and calm your body and mind -helping you deal with all life throws at you. The further you go, the less it’s about stretching in a hot room and more about calming the mind and evolving your spiritual life journey.

Chiropractic is great at fixing broken people and maintaining healthy spines and nervous systems, but we want to promote a healthier you by getting you to think about the bigger picture, what else can you add to be truly well?

We promote a balanced, nutritious diet, healthy exercise, stress minimising practices, rest and relaxation, avoiding chemical and environmental toxins combined with a regular chiropractic check up.

Watch this space for our House of Yoga – Putney Chiropractic – Juice open event held at the House of Yoga Putney soon.