Yoga & Chiropractic

Yoga is a great way to help get your spine moving by deeply stretching and opening up those blocked, restricted areas. Specifically the hips, low back and neck. Sometimes yoga challenges your body a step too far when you launch into it quickly. If you take you time and listen to your body it is a great way to help keep your body young and supple.

It’s not just the movement though, it helps you relax and breath the way nature intended and calm your body and mind -helping you deal with all life throws at you. The further you go, the less it’s about stretching in a hot room and more about calming the mind and evolving your spiritual life journey.

Collectively both Chiropractic & Yoga disciplines stimulate…

Yoga & Chiropractic

Removal of toxins

Movement of oxygen and nutrients to your joints

Optimal brain and body function

For those of you that are focused on creating a body that functions at its full potential, either functionally or aesthetically, this combination is a powerful transformational product – especially if you are reaching a plato within your field of focus. It easy to forget there are four criteria to maximise your fitness: strength, stamina, speed and flexibility. Arnold Schwarzenegger honoured these 4 pillars, as he trained as a ballet dancer as part of his workout realising just how important flexibility and alignment were for getting balance in his body.

The Bigger Picture

Chiropractic moves and aligns your body in very specific areas, by producing precise adjustments, isolating the exact segments causing restrictions. This simultaneously stimulates your nervous system, energising your body and encouraging the specific joints to re-gain the correct position, strength and movement patterns, while releasing endorphins and energising your entire body.

‘Chiropractic stimulates the stretch receptors of a specially isolated restricted joint.’

Yoga aligns and moves the body in a global generalised pattern, encouraging the functional co-ordination of your whole spine and body to move in perfect symphony.

‘Yoga stimulates and stretches large functional groups of muscles.’

Together the Chiro-Yoga combo becomes the Meghan and Harry of health & wellbeing, a power couple, creating a magnetic influx of energy & vitality to your body and mind. Facilitating the optimum environment for you to heal, reaching your full potential by harmonising your body in a way that stimulates movement not only within a community of functional groups of muscles working together, but also small focused segments of the body that are restricted or hyper-mobile due to imbalances causing compensations segments that have far reaching affects on your health.

For anyone reading this, living a stressful life, this is a product that can provide the benefits of a mediating health retreat with the added bonus that you can maintain your daily routines. Both Chiro and Hot Yoga work to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress. It is a natural drug free alternative that works with your bodies innate intelligence.