World-champion kickboxer gets fighting fit with Dr Bryan

As much as chiropractic is about helping the body function better and prevent injuries, it’s also the first port of call for many when it comes to recovering from injuries.

Laurene De Oliveira is a former world champion (Muay Thai) kickboxer, and also a MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. She came to visit Dr Bryan to help her recover from an injury she suffered while competing in Bangkok.

With a background in wrestling, judo, football and hockey, as well as a history of treating top-class athletes, Dr Bryan was perfectly placed to aid with Laurene’s recovery.

“Fighters put a huge amount of stress and strain through their bodies,” he said. “This isn’t just when they are fighting but also through the sheer volume of training they have to go through to be fight-ready.

“Regular chiropractic treatment is a great way to keep fighters healthy, moving well and injury free. In Laurene’s case it’s also been able to speed up her recovery and help her body heal more effectively.”

Laurene said: “During my BJJ comp at Copa de Bangkok, I got a really bad knee injury but I was going straight into a k1 fight in China so didn’t get to see a specialist.

“I finally had my X-rays done, and I chose to go to Putney Chiro after researching it on Google. My fibula had popped out of where it should have been during the comp and caused a tear in the ligament at the same time.

“That’s why I haven’t been able to train since but today, Dr Bryan popped it back and readjusted a few other things – turns out fighters have plenty of bones that need realignment! I already feel a million times better. For the first time in nearly 2 months I can sit cross legged while watching movies, and it’s pain free.

“Dr Bryan also practised wrestling, judo and Hockey for years so he understood exactly where I was coming from and was super helpful. I’m sharing this with my London people in case you need to address some injuries, I can only recommend this place as they have such great understanding of athletes and fighting sports.”

So if you take part in any kind of fighting sport and want to perform better, stay injury free and recover more quickly, chiropractic treatment could be the answer you’re looking for. Give us a call today or send us an email and we’ll talk to you about how we can help.