Winter Sports and Chiropractic

We’re mad on skiing and snowboarding at Putney Chiropractic.

Dr Craig has been heavily involved in the ski industry since 1999 and he understands the particular demands skiing places on the body, especially the spine. Craig recently featured in the travel section of the Telegraph as an expert in the article “How to get fit for the slopes” and the Guardian in the article “Ready Steady Snow” and you’ll find reference to him on the ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) website.

So if you love skiing, snowboarding and winter sports we’d love to speak to you. We’ll help you prepare in the best possible way by getting your brain and body talking to each other in the right way. By improving the way your central nervous system functions, you’ll be maximising your enjoyment and performance when it comes to winter sports.

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Check our videos for insight and advice into being a better skier. Discover the role chiropractic care plays in helping improve your skiing.

Why chiropractic?

A bespoke programme of chiropractic care will prepare your body for the piste.

We’ve worked with many skiers, from very experienced to total novices, and nearly everyone, to some extent, is compromised with their movement and flexibility on the slopes. We aloswork in association with specialised ski boot fitters and ski coaches so all three areas are covered with regards to correct equipment, coaching and body performance.

If imbalances are found in either the biomechanics or the neurology then a course of treatment is set to attempt to resolve these blockages. Benefits can include improvement in:

Significant turn preference (often a physiological reason behind this and can be addressed)

Poor fore/aft control (back seat skiing – can be helped with chiropractic, fitness and a great pair of boots)

Early leg burn (often poor positioning)

Back, leg, knee or foot pain (skiing should not cause you undue pain)

Slow technical development (hitting that dreaded plateau)

Office to piste transition (51 weeks at the desk, on throwing yourself down a mountain)

Your body. Your care.

You’ll be provided with a bespoke programme of care from our expert team.

This includes a report and a unique tailored program using a bespoke combination of chiropractic treatment, ski specific exercises, and alignment correction. We promote the importance of core strength and training before heading off to the piste. Our exercises are designed to improve optimal range of motion and strength across the key joints used while skiing to increase performance and reduce the chance of injury.

Key Ski Information

We work with the Ski Club of Great Britain who feature our strengthening exercises.

We are the official chiropractors to the Ski Show at Olympia.

We are official chiropractors to the City Ski Championships

Telegraph article in travel section recommending Putney Chiropractic.

Craig McLean article onrestriction of movement affecting ski performance.

Craig McLean expert on Warren Smith team for bio-mechanics and physiology

Strong links with local boot-fitters Profeet who can help you find the perfect boot for your new aligned high-performance body!

Strong links with Mr Jonathan Bell and his team of orthopaedic consultants at the the Wimbledon Clinics winter sports injury clinics