Windsor Triathlon 2010

Sunday 13 June, with a 7.30am kick off, Dr Craig began the Windsor Triathlon Olympic distance, hoping for a new personal best. Here’s how he got on…

Swim – The current in The Thames was not flowing too badly which made for good conditions in the water with a temperature of 18 degrees. The swim went relatively smoothly and completed in a time of around 25 minutes, despite having a massive cramp in a hamstring on exiting the swim. I quickly recovered to the laughs from the crowd and ran to the transition to grab the bike.

Bike – Headed out onto the road on my shiny new time trial bike to a light sprinkling of rain, which made conditions quite cool. Completed the 42 ks in 1.04hr traveling at around 38 km/h. By the end of the ride the cool conditions had made my left leg go completely to sleep and so the first part of the run was with a numb left foot.

Run – 3 laps of The Windsor castle allowed me to complete the 10km run course in 46 minutes to for a pb for the Olympic distance in 2hours 19mins. Not bad for an old codger, position 104 overall and 24th in my age group 35-39! (and 2 minutes faster than last time… phew!)

Thanks to all the Putney Chiro team in helping me stay in great shape in the lead up to the event.