Will’s story

Will Cooper playing cricket“As a keen sportsman playing and coaching cricket in the summer and hockey in the winter on a regular basis I was beginning to find that my body was not necessarily performing as my mind would want it to. My back was becoming stiffer and I was taking longer to recover from seemingly minor injuries. It got to the point where, at the start of last year’s cricket season I could not move properly following a game and I needed help. I sought some advice from Craig and his team who set me up on a treatment plan.

I was initially sceptical and wasn’t sure if the treatment was going to work as physio in the past allowed me to manage but would not repair the problems. However within a couple of weeks of treatment I immediately felt easier with my body. Not only was I in less pain but also my bowling improved dramatically and I felt I had much more control over my action meaning I could tell my body what to do rather than the other way round.

Last year I turned in a personal best number of wickets for Chertsey CC 1st XI and an injury free hockey season for Thames Valley HC 1st XI. I would certainly recommend chiropractic treatment from Craig and his team if you are a player of either of these sports that place a strong emphasis on back movement and body rotation. Thanks to Dr McLean for all the help so far and the front of house staff for exceptional customer service and top banter.”

Will Cooper
Roehampton University

This is a personal account of an individual experience. Every body is different and Putney Chiropractic makes no claims to help every person with every problem.