Chiropractic Wellness Testimonials

Wellness is one of the core aspects of chiropractic as it refers to the wellness of the person as a whole. Good spinal alignment is at the heart of this, leading to a healthier central nervous system, improved health and increased energy. Putney aims to improve the overall wellness of everyone who walks through our doors. See how we’ve helped others improve their level of wellness below.

Alina’s Testimonial | Putney Chiro

Alina tells of how Putney removed her previously permanent back pain helping to boost her overall sense of wellbeing.

Michelle’s Testimonial | Putney Chiro

Michelle initially came to Putney for her tennis elbow, but soon discovered the numerous benefits of chiropractic for both her and her son.

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Testimonial <strong>Dr Michael - Healing & Recovery</strong>
  • Dr Michael - Healing & Recovery

Dr Michael is back from a 3 month layoff with a serious injury. After his rehabilitation he has shared his experience on recovery and healing. Well after my little tete a tete with a large deer in Richmond park on my bicycle I struggled to see much positive from the experience. A full afternoon of surgery, along with metal pieces in both my elbow and shoulder was not on my life bucket list. But as with all aspects of life there was some positive in the experience. Sitting at home watching Australia smash south Africa in the cricket was one of the highlights!

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Testimonial <strong>Ignacio's Story</strong>
  • Ignacio's Story

Ignacio has been visiting Putney Chiropractic for a few months now. He kindly told us what he thought about our practice:
When did you first come to Putney Chiropractic? 
February 2012
Why did you first come to see us here?
I had been seeing another chiropractor for a few years until he left the UK. Putney Chiropractic was recommended to me.
What changes have you noticed since starting care with us?
Increased neck mobility and better general wellbeing. My spine is improving and I feel like I’m moving in a good direction

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Testimonial <strong>Kim's Story</strong>
  • Kim's Story

As a writer, I spend many hours each day hunched over my laptop. Without my weekly adjustments, this task would be quite uncomfortable, and become a painful chore. Prior to beginning my regular course of chiropractic care last October, I had a long history of neck and upper back pain, and would regularly wake up with a stiff neck and spasms in my shoulder blades. These episodes were quickly resolved and, within 6 weeks of regular adjustments, I also began to notice my sleep patterns improving, energy and immune systems strengthening, and an overall sense of trust in my body and health.

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Testimonial <strong> Arek’s Story – ache to great</strong>
  • Arek’s Story – ache to great

A few words from client Arek on his experience at Putney Chiropractic:
Why did you first come to Putney Chiropractic Centre?
After years of sitting at a desk and trying to maintain some degree of consistent exercise I found I was loosing the battle with my lower back!  It was consistently stiff and achy regardless of the stretching I was doing.  I also noticed that I didn’t have the energy I used to have.
What did the Chiropractor tell you was going on?
When I first saw Edwina she explained that my lower back wasn’t moving as well as it should be and it was interfering with the nerve supply through my back and body. This could not only explain my discomfort, but also why I’d been feeling consistently exhausted!
How did you respond to your Chiropractic care?
After a couple of weeks of care I noticed my spine was moving much easier and I didn’t feel tight and achy in the mornings.  It certainly took a couple of weeks to start getting my spine moving again, but once it started to move it felt great!

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Testimonial <strong> Sarah’s Story – back pain & stress</strong>
  • Sarah’s Story – back pain & stress

“I first met Edwina from Putney Chiropractic at a fair several years ago, and spoke to her about my lower back pain. I also suffered from eczema, and had been labelled as ‘highly allergic’: to pollen, to peanuts, even some fresh fruit and vegetables. I had to carry adrenalin with me at all times, it was a constant stress.
Edwina explained to me that the back pain was a symptom indicating that my health in general was not as good as it could be, and that different life stressors seemed to be causing problems in my body. She explained that physical as well as emotional stress can contribute to this, hence at times of increased stress my back pain could feel worse.

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Testimonial <strong>Diane's Story</strong>
  • Diane's Story

“In March 2005 I had a last appointment at a specialist dentist. I had 2 molars missing and decided to have a tooth implant. An infected tooth and jaw followed by the implant operation involved much pulling and pushing. Directly after the false tooth being fitted I began to have headaches and a stiff neck which got worse, never better.
The tooth got checked out by the dentist but no cause of pain was found. I assumed the crick in the neck would eventually go away. I tried Ibuprofen, heat pads, Ibuleve and rest but kept moving and working. In August I decided something was very wrong.
My dentist’s receptionist suggested the Putney Chiropractic Center. I had never gone to a chiropractor before, but felt if anyone could get rid of this long term stiff neck they could. To my horror, I found that my neck had old whiplash type injuries and that the extreme dentistry had misplaced my cranial bones and jaw! It is a good story and I had a good laugh.

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Testimonial <strong>Carol's Story</strong>
  • Carol's Story

I first found PCC through my daughter who was fed up with my being in pain, loafing around and “being a martyr to pain”. She would also witness me holding back when in pain, for example having to take ten minutes after any exertion for my back to come out of spasm.
I had put off going to see a specialist as I did not feel comfortable with it, but she assured me that at Putney Chiropractic Centre that I was welcome to just wear my own clothes and all I had to take off were my shoes!
When I first came to PCC I visited twice a week back to back, flying down from Cheshire near Manchester and combined my visits with catching up with my daughter and her family. I found relief from my discomfort within the first two visits – something had changed that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, and I was able to flex myself a bit more. I had been worried that I was becoming round shouldered as time went on.

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Testimonial <strong>Vic's Story</strong>
  • Vic's Story

I have never suffered from any back or neck problems until five months ago. I started to walk with a stoop and had difficulties from pain in both my sides.
My family- 2 sports mad sons and my wife had already been treated by the team at Putney Chiropractic. I was x-rayed given a full explanation of the problem and what treatment would be required.
All went well and things were improving until the family attended a wedding and I went disco crazy. Whether it was the dancing or the strange bed I slept in but I was back to square 1. However, after further treatments after a further three weeks I am walking normally and with no further pain.
I like the frankness of all the chaps in the practice. They are able to put into fairly simple language the problems and how they can solve them. It does take time with any injury and at 61 it does take even longer but if you stick with the treatment and listen to the advice and hints as to what you can do at home you should solve all your problems. But are patient and you will become happy again.

Testimonial <strong>Karen's Story</strong>
  • Karen's Story

I started coming to Putney Chiropractic in 1996 because every morning without fail, I’d wade up with a dull ache in my back which wouldn’t wear off until about lunchtime.
I had a series of sessions, 2 or 3 times a week and my body began to iron itself out quite quickly. Now I come regularly every 6 to 8 weeks just to maintain my good health. I never get coughs or colds and haven’t had a day off work (except for a broken bone!) since 1996.
Other things about me that had changed gradually and steadily are that I used to be 2 stone overweight but now have a good healthy body mass index of 21, and my height has increased by an inch through better posture. Also, I’ve had the easiest, trouble-free menopause (maybe because of Chiropractic, I don’t know) and I used to have bouts of depression… no more!
I work in a nursery class in a primary school – usually a breeding ground for minor illnesses, but I just don’t get ill and I have tons of energy. Chiropractic care is well worth it, and is a good way of helping you become able to heal yourself.

Testimonial <strong>Jessica's Story</strong>
  • Jessica's Story

I have suffered years of consistent lower back pain. It was gradually increasing to a point where sitting in a car or putting on a sock was very painful. I visited Putney Chiropractic Centre for the first time in November 1997. I was examined, had an x-ray and began a program of care. I now experience good spinal health and I choose to maintain this with a checkup about once a month.
Melissa, my daughter, after an innocent knock at school, began having frequent blackouts (between 2-7 per day.) Melissa visited all matter of medical specialists and underwent all kinds of tests with no diagnosis given. As a last resort I bought Melissa to Putney Chiropractic Centre.

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