Weiss Road Street Party 09

Castles, bunting and trestle tables
A fun time was had by all at the Weiss Road Street Party on the 19th July 09, especially on the bouncy castle sponsored by PCC.

Weiss Road was blocked off and decorated with bunting, tables and chairs adorned and decorated with an abundance of food, drinks and flowers, and BBQ’s were wheeled out onto the street like Daleks taking over.

The bouncy castle was well used over 4 hours attracting people of all ages (including Abby and Fran of course) but PCC was also of great interest. Many came in to visit and have a spinal check with Abby which was a great opportunity for us to meet some of our friendly neighbours.

We are thinking we should have street parties, BBQ’s and bouncy castles far more often. All in favour? See you next year…