Warren Smith, skier and founder of the Warren Smith Ski Academy

Warren is one of Britain’s leading professional freeskier’s and an Internationally Qualified Performance Coach (ISIA and IVSI). He spent many years as both a pro-skier and more recently as a coach teaching recreational skiers, developing ski instructors and coaching skiing athletes all over Europe.

“It became apparent to me a decade ago that many of the skiers I was coaching, from athletes to intermediate recreational skiers, had major differences between the left and right side of their body. In being more specific, usually one leg had stronger rotational power than the other.

“It was in 1999 that I started working with Chiropractors to find out more about the treatment for these issues. The best option came from adjustments to get the skeleton in a more symmetrical position, stretching with specific muscles, strength building with muscles needed for skiing and develop of the core strength.

“The main reason that I started to look deeper was because my own freeskiing performance was limited due to a compression injury to my lower back in 1994. Younger and a bit naive, I left it for 5 years until it eventually ground me to a halt.”

Warren Smith was introduced to Craig McLean in the autumn of 2003. Due to the original back injury, Warren had a misalignment in the hips that showed up on an x-ray taken at Putney Chiropractic at this time. Interestingly because of this, when Warren had his ski boots custom fitted in November 2003 Warren and the technician could see the in-balance. He was asked to stand on a footscan machine just before fitting and when standing up straight, it showed 69% of weight on the left foot and 31% on right. The foaming was postponed until May 2004. During that time Warren worked with Craig to try and even out this imbalance.

After several months of adjustments, stretching and core strength building, the footscan machine showed 51% on the left foot and 49% on the right. It was the ultimate example of the highest line of ski biomechanics professionalism. This example is now passed onto hundreds of Warren’s Academy clients who benefit from the COMPLETE ski solution.

“The collaboration with Craig McLean at Putney Chiropractic has enabled me to maintain my level of fitness and strength to ski at a professional level. Not only this, but since spending more time with Craig and his precise Chiropractic method my technique and overall ski level has improved enabling me to ski faster in freeride terrain and also take the occasional drop. It also enables my Academy clients and other athletes I coach to benefit from a COMPLETE ski performance solution, namely

– technique development from the Warren Smith Ski Academy
– boot fitting optimisation by the Academy coaches and professional boot fitters
– body optimization / maintenance by a chiropractor, especially someone like Craig McLean”

“I spend my year after year, season after season putting stress on my spine to the point where it still sometimes prevents me from being my best. I hunt Dr Craig down wherever I am in the world and travel from Switzerland especially to be adjusted by him. I know this keeps me at my best.”

Warren Smith

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