Walking the talk

The team at Putney Chiropractic spend our time advising you how to help make your body healthier from the inside out, what you may not know is we walk the talk! Read on to find out what we are all focusing on at present to keep us healthy so we can be beacons of health and well being – leading by example. Pictured below, our healthy team voted recently the best looking chiropractic team on the planet. From left Drs Edwina Waddell, Luke Brady, Michael Bloom and Craig McLean.

Doc Craig. Dad – Cycling – Gym – Paleo*.
Gym – I broke my leg last year and this motivated me to get back in better shape than I’ve ever been. My weekly physio rehab sessions have carried on for nearly 12 months now and I am now stronger than ever in the gym hitting some PBs like squat of 100kg and leg press of 250kg and chin ups at 5sets of 10.

Cycling – in March I returned to Cat 3 road racing and completed my first amateur road race in 18 months. I have a fullish schedule of TTs and other races with the high point (literally) being the Marmotte 2013 – 175km in the alps climbing over 5000m in one day.(that will be 6 hours of climbing in 30+ degree heat.

Chiropractic member – As a part of keeping my nervous system 100% healthy promoting wellbeing from the inside out I’m on that chiro table at least once a week. I don’t understand how you cannot get checked regularly with all that life throws at you.

Food – hit 86kg while laying on the sofa with the leg up and am now back to 77kg, goal 75 for summer of cycling. Snapped out of the 3 meal routine of toast, sandwiches and meat-mash potato and swapped for oats or egg/salmon, chicken breast/salad and fish-steak/veg (no starch carbs). I still have a weakness for sweet things of an evening but I’m getting there!

Dad – the last few months I’ve dedicated to teaching my kids how to swim, at age 3 and 5 they were not naturals in the water so weekly swim lessons have become the norm (including an intensive 5 day program Feb half term).

*Well nearly paleo – kicked all the starchy carbs but still have whole oats in the morning when not having eggs.

Doc Luke – Paleo – 4 hour body and chef – Gym – Cycling
I’ve spent 2013 experimenting with some changes to my lifestyle too. Probably the biggest change has been with my diet as I’ve basically removed grains (& to a lesser extent other carbohydrates) from my diet. The inspiration for the shift in eating habits was reading The Paleo Solution by Rob Wolff which outlined an obviously decline in human health with the introduction of grain and crop based food many years ago. So I’ve moved towards a meat and vegetable diet which I’m thoroughly enjoying!! (Steak 3 times a week anyone?!)

I think the biggest change I noticed was significantly more stable energy levels…

I’ve also been experimenting with high intensity low volume exercise training. After finding myself consistently bored spending hours in a gym every week I started applying weight training methods from Tim Ferris’ The Four Hour Body. By training for 10 mins twice a week I improved my strength by close to 25% in 3 weeks with only 1 hour of total gym time!!!

I’ve now started training with Educogymin Barnes which is basically three 15 min sessions per week of high intensity weight training. I’m really enjoying not having to think about what I’m doing, just do what the Rock Star trainer Charlie tells me to do!! Perfect.

I plan on taking a cycling holiday at the end of the year which I’ll start training for in the summer…

Doc Edwina – Chiro – Gym – Cardio – Healthy Diet – Positive thinking #awesome
12 months ago I decided to add to my normal health regime of weekly chiropractic adjustments (essential for keeping me in balance, couldn’t do without it!) and some swimming/jogging thrown in, with thrice weekly gym sessions with the wonderful crew at EducogymBarnes, and a low fat, low sugar, low grain, high protein diet recommended by my trainer Charlie. A year on, I am doing things I never thought I’d manage, such as 60 full squats at 80 pounds (not as much as Dr Craig, although my legs are much more feminine than his!), and over 200 abdominal exercises at a time. I have increased my fat-free muscle mass leaving me stronger, leaner, and with way more energy than before. I have also noticed changes in other areas of my health that I never believed could be so affected by my diet, including my skin which has really improved. Rock on.In December 2012 I put together a three month health strategy for 2013 to help me feel better and be healthier than before.

Diet: Sticking to my no grain, no dairy, high vegetable and protein diet more closely than before, particularly when it came to including the correct amount of protein in every meal.

Exercise: I have exercised every day, whether it was going to the gym, jogging, or just going for a walk. This was the easiest part of my new health strategy as I love moving my body.

Positive thinking: The hardest strategy to maintain, and definitely the one I benefited from the most, was my resolution to not say or think anything negative. Much harder than you think it would be! If I said or thought anything negative I would immediately try to re-frame it into a more neutral or positive light. Did I manage it 100% of the time? Well no, but I have definitely improved and it’s made a big difference to the way that I feel and how much I enjoy my life.

As we draw to the end of the first three months of the year, I have decided to maintain all of the above strategies, and add an additional one; after much resistance I have decided to enter the world of yoga!. I have attended the Power Yoga studios in Parsons Green for a few weeks, and I love the way they combine strength and flexibility training with training the mind.

Doc Michael – Nutrition – Gym – Meditation – BBQ
I have been focused more on my eating habits than ever before. Cutting down drastically on refined sugar and having regular healthy snacks has resulted in more energy and better concentration.

I have started a strength program in the gym aiming to run again later in 2013. I haven’t run since 2006 due to knee tendinitis but have never really put the required effort in to recovery as needed. Currently I am doing 2 strength sessions per week and am finding it quite addictive. I don’t expect anyone will ever notice a muscle on my body but if I can run again that is all that matters.

Meditation has been part of my routine for a year now. I aim to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes at a time. Sometimes it is harder than other times. The sense of inner quiet that comes with regular practice is deeply satisfying and something that I feel we lack in the fast paced life of London.

Lastly please can there be some sunshine soon so I can channel my inner Aussie and get that brand new BBQ unpacked ready for me to dazzle the neighbours with the aromas of BBQ masterchef style.