Vic’s story

“I have never suffered from any back or neck problems until five months ago. I started to walk with a stoop and had difficulties from pain in both my sides.

My family- 2 sports mad sons and my wife had already been treated by the team at Putney Chiropractic. I was x-rayed given a full explanation of the problem and what treatment would be required.

All went well and things were improving until the family attended a wedding and I went disco crazy. Whether it was the dancing or the strange bed I slept in but I was back to square 1. However, after further treatments after a further three weeks I am walking normally and with no further pain.

I like the frankness of all the chaps in the practice. They are able to put into fairly simple language the problems and how they can solve them. It does take time with any injury and at 61 it does take even longer but if you stick with the treatment and listen to the advice and hints as to what you can do at home you should solve all your problems. But are patient and you will become happy again.”

Vic Dodds