Upper Back and Neck Pain

Upper back and neck pain is becoming increasingly common in our society. It can affect people of all ages and cause great amount of discomfort and stress.

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The number of people suffering from upper back and neck pain has drastically increased over recent years. This has been linked to the increase of people sitting at computers for long periods of time for work, study or entertainment. Bad posture and prolonged sitting can gradually lead to both pain and a lack of mobility. Upper back and neck pain can also come suddenly as a result of an accident or strain. It is most often caused by muscular irritation or joint dysfunction.


Upper back and neck pain can often be felt as a tight knot, stiffness or pain at the bottom of the neck. It can lead to lack of mobility, headachespain or weakness in your arms. If the pain is prolonged it can become extremely debilitating and result in stress, fatigue and anxiety.


If you are suffering from upper back and neck pain, one of our chiropractic team will work with you to establish the source of the pain before moving on to a specific treatment that’s right for you.

Through gentle manipulation we can realign your spine, relieving strain from the affected parts of your back and therefore reducing pain and improving mobility.

We will then focus on the best ways for you to avoid upper back and neck pain in the future. This could involve regular visits to us so we can keep you nice and straight, along with advice on issues such as correct lifting techniques, posture and strain avoidance