Tim Brabants on course for London 2012

We are proud to work with Tim Brabants, previous world champion and gold medalist at the Beijing Olympics in the K1 1000m. Tim’s back in training and is preparing himself for the long road to the next Olympics in London 2012.

August 2010 – Kayak World Championships – Poland

Tim succeeded to win a silver medal in the K1 1000m. This race represented the climax of Tim’s return season after taking 18 months off following the Olympics in Beijing. Together with fourth place in the K1 500m this proves that Tim is well on the way to success in 2012.

The Chiropractor – integral part of his team
With a gold medal and two bronze medals from the Olympics in Sydney and Beijing, Tim is the most successful paddler Great Britain has ever seen. He has access to many health professionals including physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, massage therapists, nutritionists, sports psychologists and other coaches.

However Tim likes to keep it simple and only spends time with people from the team who he knows makes a difference to his performance. So the Chiropractor is at the top of the list, then his massage therapist, and everything else is looked after by his long time coach Eric Farrell.

A discussion with Tim at a performance meeting recently we were talking about the gold medal cake – how many different slices are important in making my overall performance a gold medal effort. ” I see Chiropractic as a very important slice in my cake!” – and he does love cake!

Keep an eye out for Tim, he’s in every week through the season, good luck in the lead up to 2012.

Beijing Success
Once the closing ceremony in Beijing was over and the boats were all packed up, Tim sent us this from the flight home!

            “We’re going to have to celebrate hard when I get back! You’ve been a great part in helping me achieve this Olympic dream. Look forward to seeing you all when I get back. Writing this e-mail from the comfort of my first class seat on the BA flight home. I am a lucky boy! See you soon, Tim.”


Tim Brabants and PCC
It was in 2006 that Tim began treatment at Putney Chiropractic after years of punishing his body with the most unbelievable training program that would make even the most active amongst us cringe. You don’t want to know how much he bench presses.

We have corrected years of postural challenges from being hunched over the paddles and this has created extra flexibility, reach and an end result of being more powerful and improved recovery.

We are proud to include Tim among our clients and friends. For more pictures and regular updates on his progress, check out www.timbrabants.com.

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