Tim Brabants Olympic Finalist

Tim Brabants made a courageous attempt to defend his Olympic title at London 2012 when he progressed to the K1 1000m sprint kayak final. He drew lane one and with an unfavourable wind direction winning would have been difficult. The field was a who’s who of 1000m sprint kayak with the worlds fastest men jammed into the middle of the course. The first three positions were filled by the powerful Norwegian, Canadian and German paddlers.

Since 2007, we’ve been working with Tim and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of his team for two of his four Olympic appearances. With all that is on offer from his medical support team as an Olympic champion, it was a privilege to provide the chiropractic care for him. He would often talk about of all the things he does (outside of training) chiropractic gives him the best results relative to the time invested. He is an truly dedicated athlete and has had a very tough run into the London 2012 games. Injury in 2011 and a fight to retain his seat to represent GB in 2012 made going tough, not that you’ll hear him use these as excuses. Good luck for the future Tim and keep us posted with you plans for the future. He was quoted on the BBC as saying “I’m not done yet, you can’t go out with an eighth place at the Olympics.”

More about Tim from the BBC website.