The wellness guys

Our Favourites List

We will be recommending a new podcast every month – our ‘favourites’ list.

May 2013- Podcast 8 The flying doctor from ‘100 not out’ and podcast 1 from the ‘life by design’ team – discussing the principles of life by design.
April 2013 – 100 not out podast series listen to them all!
March 2103 – smart DNA This interview covers a range of topics including epigenetics, genetic predispositions and how lifestyle interventions can affect the way your genes are expressed. In other words don’t blame your genes you can make a difference with how you choose to live your life!
February 2013 – podcast 5 do we need vitamins and minerals? Do we need to take supplements? If so which ones should we take and how much?
January 2013 – the 4 hour wellness show with author Tim Ferris of the 4 hour working week/ 4 hour body/ 4 hour chef fame.
December 2012 – podcast 2 the food pyramid
November 2012 – welcome to the wellness guys first podcast – who are the wellness guys

The Wellness Guys are three wellness experts and chiropractors from Australia. The team have studied health and wellness intensively in order to work out what makes you tick and what you can do to drastically improve your health outcomes. They are also very passionate about sharing this information including many TV, radio and print media appearances, speaking to packed out audiences all around Australia and of course our weekly health podcasts on this site. Be sure to subscribe so as to not miss any episodes.

Dr Laurence Tham – Wellness Coach and Chiropractor
Dr Brett Hill – Wellness Author and Chiropractor
Dr Damian Kristof – Wellness TV Star and Chiropractor

Download their podcasts from their website (link).