The London Velodrome

London prepares and Doc Craig, Chiropractor, was at the test event at the Velodrome on the weekend. I was blown away by the great facility and buzz that was created in the stadium. I was lucky enough to have witnessed Sir Chris Hoy and Matt Crampton in the Keirin, Anna Mears (Oz) Jess Varnish and Victoria Pendleton in the sprints, Annette Edmondson (Oz) and Laura Trott in the Womens Omnium and Swifty in the Mens Omnium.

Below are a few pics from the day – it was fantastic how close you could get to the action. At one point I was sitting on the track edge with the wind hitting me as the riders flew by. I can’t wait for the Olympics,  shame I don’t have a ticket for the Velodrome this August but I now have a better understanding and appreciation of how powerful and gutsy the track athletes are!