The effects of the chiropractic adjustment on the brain

From Doc Sophie: Dr Heidi’s Study

This month I’d would like to delve into a recent, amazing, scientific study that explains and shows the effects of the chiropractic adjustment on the brain.

This particular study was carried out by a researcher and Chiropractor called Dr Heidi Haavik and was published in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

What was the aim of the study?..

Dr Heidi’s aim was to look into the influence on the participants’ brain activity after a Chiropractic cervical spine (neck) adjustment.

However the participants that were part of the study were NOT in any pain. This was a very important aspect of the study.

Lots of people visit Chiropractors for Wellbeing/maintenance check ups. Similar to how you may visit your dentist to have your teeth checked. You can visit your Chiropractor to have your spine checked. Many visit their Chiropractor to be checked for subluxations (an area in your spine that is influencing and stressing your nervous system), to be adjusted and to keep at their optimum and the best they can be.

What took place?..

During the study a cervical spine adjustment was given to one half of the group and brain activity was recorded on a digital brain scanner. The results showed that after the adjustment was received there was a direct influence on the sensory input to the brain. This resulted in the cortex of the brain lighting up and therefore being stimulated.

The control group, that were placed onto the chiropractic bench and set up in the correct position, but did NOT receive the adjustment, showed no cortical brain changes.

A vertebral subluxation leads to insufficient messages to the spinal cord and brain with messages from joints and surrounding muscles. A chiropractic adjustment enhances signals and improves  input into the central nervous system. This therefore results in improved adaptation to any inside or outside messages the brain receives or perceives.

A chiropractic adjustment removes interferences to the nervous system and improves brain function. This is achieved by improving spinal integrity and individual segmental motion in the subluxated area.

What does this mean?..

Dr Heidi’s brilliant study scientifically shows that when you do not have symptoms, receiving a chiropractic adjustment still has physical, adaptive, positive changes to the brain and your responses to ever changing environments.

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