The Battersea Sumo Run 2009

A 5km Charity Fun Run with a difference!
Craig, Abby, Edwina and Lachlan (Craig’s son – who cruised round in a buggy) slipped graciously into their self-inflating, fat, sumo suits on Saturday 20th June at Battersea Park and joined about 250 other crazy people in their quest to loose 20lbs while running 5 km in a new style sweat suit.


It was hot hot hot as the sun beat down on us, and we were glad to finish as a team in a time that we can’t remember – just happy to have finished without losing a member to heat stroke (although there were a few embarrasing moments of deflation en route…).

The run was in aid of raising money for Gemin-I which is a UK-based charity specialising in developing innovative solutions to improve education in the developing and developed worlds.