The baby turned!

Dr Luke Brady explains below the relationship between chiropractic and pregnancy, and how, restoring normal function to the spine can benefit expecting mums.

Why do so many expectant mothers report that their baby turned after receiving Chiropractic care?

First things first, the human body is AMAZING and insanely complex and LIFE is a MIRACLE (you only have to look up at the night sky to be reminded of how much of a miracle).

Pregnancy too, is a complex miracle, however for the purpose of this post I’m deliberately keeping things very simple but by no means am I suggesting that there can’t be many other factors in a healthy pregnancy and birth.

The position, shape and function of the womb is largely influenced by the position, shape and function of the mother’s pelvis, spine and nervous system. When the mother’s system is dysfunctional, stressed, misaligned and/or distorted this affects the womb and therefore the baby.

When the mother’s pelvis and spine is misaligned the ligaments that support the womb can become tight and tense, this can prevent the baby from moving freely into the desired position.

Chiropractic care is primarily focused on restoring normal function to the spine and nervous system (normal = AMAZING btw!). By restoring normal function to the spine and pelvis of the mum this helps create normal tension and elasticity in the womb, making it easier for the little one to move and get comfortable.

Obviously there can be other processes going on that can contribute to adverse baby positioning which is why a carefully taken health history and examination is crucial. However, by ensuring that these fundamentals are taken care of you can give your baby every chance of moving freely and naturally.

For more really useful information regarding the final stages of pregnancy check out these great 25 tips from Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani author of Well Adjusted Babies (available from us and here).

Have a happy pregnancy!