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Jenny’s Testimonial | Putney Chiro

Jenny, active mother of two and practicing aromatherapist, tells the story of how we helped her through her pregnancy and the challenges she faces as a parent.

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Testimonial <strong> Anna’s Story – healthy pregnancy</strong>
  • Anna’s Story – healthy pregnancy

I began receiving regular chiropractic care five and a half years ago when I began working at Putney Chiropractic. I have previously had neck issues, but these had been resolved and I was seen regularly by the chiropractors for physical health and wellbeing.
In the three months before conceiving my child, I was exercising regularly, eating well, and getting adjusted regularly as I wanted to be in great shape for my wedding day. I fell pregnant about two months later, and have continued to see Edwina every week during my pregnancy- I did this because after years of working at Putney Chiropractic Centre I saw the benefits of regular chiropractic care every day. I know it helps the body to change, and wanted to be as healthy and comfortable as possible.
As a result, I have had no problems and no pain during my pregnancy and feel great. I can move and sleep easily, and have maintained a healthy weight. I put this down to good health and exercise before conceiving, and receiving chiropractic care from the beginning to the end of my pregnancy.

Testimonial <strong>Deniz’s story</strong>
  • Deniz’s story

The 3 day stop-start exhausting and excruciating labour, which nearly ended in a caesarian had left me with a very irritable baby, drugged and tired, and a poor feeder. Of course I had received all the drugs possible in labour and was very weak and sick after the delivery and could barely hold my baby for a few days.
My husband and I were very traumatised (me more so!) and was frightened to repeat the same experience again. When I became pregnant 2 years later I decided to do something about the situation to help. After researching the net on chiropractic care in pregnancy and how it can help pregnancy ailments and an easier more comfortable labour, I came to see Dr Craig.
After examination and investigation of my past history it appeared that a few injuries I had sustained in pregnancy and before pregnancy (slipping on ice, a car accident) had thrown my body out of shape causing the difficult labour and delivery and other health problems.

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Testimonial <strong> Elmien’s story </strong>
  • Elmien’s story

Baby Lily arrived at 3 minutes past midnight on Sunday morning – just 3 minutes past her official due date (fashionably late, I’d say).
I would like to thank all of you, and especially Craig, for the wonderful chiropractic care I have received. After a difficult first pregnancy, with lots of pelvic pain, I decided to come for regular treatments from very early on in this pregnancy, and it definitely paid off – I was able to stay mobile until the end, which is pretty important, considering the demands of looking after a busy 2-year old boy!
We had a wonderful home birth, and Lily arrived in the birthing pool while both her brothers were sleeping peacefully – they were delighted to wake up to find a new baby sister in the house.

Testimonial <strong>Archie’s story</strong>
  • Archie’s story

My son Archie started chiropractic treatment with the Putney Chiropractic Centre a few weeks after his birth. My husband and I noticed that he wasn’t turning his head to the left and when we mentioned this to our midwife she suggested that we brought him here to have him assessed. An initial consultation revealed that he had a shortened muscle in his neck (possibly from his position in the womb) and this was preventing him from having a full range of motion in his neck. Archie started to come for regular treatments with Don (who he loves to see) and within a period of time the problem was resolved. In order to help prevent further issues from developing, Archie still visits for regular checkups …and to see his friend Don of course!

Victoria Charles, mother of Archie

Testimonial <strong>Zoe's story</strong>
  • Zoe's story

My daughter, Zoë (5), struggled with her general health for many years.
She’d had frequent falls as a toddler, and always seemed to suffer with conjunctivitis and ear problems – including perforated eardrums on three occasions. On Christmas Eve 2004 she went over the handlebars of her scooter and landed on her chin! She had had terrible hearing for quite a few months before, but this event made it much worse.
She seemed to be on a never-ending spiral of ill health until I took her to see a homeopath in South Africa in April 2004. She spent over an hour asking questions before examining Zoë, and then she told me that Zoë had a subluxation of her C1 vertebra.

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