Client Testimonials

One of the greatest pleasures we have here at Putney is witnessing the transformations that can take place as a result of Chiropractic. We like to think that we can make a real difference  to the lives of the people who visit us and consider it an honour when they want to share their story of that change. Below is a group of testimonials from a range of people who have felt the benefits of chiropractic and who want to spread the message of how it can help.


"It's not so scary!"


"Way more confident, even though I have MS."


"Keeps me feeling great."


"As an ex GB Olympian I highly recommend Putney Chiro."


"This is how chiro fits into the health paradigm."


I broke my back, neck, skull. I'd given up hope."


"Has helped me no end."


"Playing rugby for England 7s had it's toll. Chiro helped that."


"An invaluable help with my fight against cancer."


"My back is now so strong."


Now I play rugby as close to 100% as I can get."


A quick review from a selection of our valued clients.

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Testimonial Brielle's story
  • Brielle's story

“My name is Brielle and I am 9 years old. I love gymnastics and skiing. I go to gymnastics 4 days a week and do at least 3 hours every training session. At the moment, in the summer holidays, I am doing 17 hours a week.
I also absolutely love skiing and go once or twice a year. Now I have changed schools, I will be skiing on a dry slope at least once a week.
Putney Chiropractic helps me a lot with all my sports, especially with my last few injuries. I have even had a few massages to help me get back to training faster. Also, whenever I feel like I am getting a cold, I go in to see a chiropractor and get adjusted and always feel better.
Everybody at Putney Chiropractic is really friendly and ALWAYS in a good mood – whatever the weather! It has really helped me and my mum going to Putney Chiropractic!”

Testimonial The Prior family’s story
  • The Prior family’s story

“It seems years since I first visited Putney Chiropractic – pain that had been present for years had become too much and action was needed and now some ten years later I still am a regular. Not because they never made me better, far from it! It’s just that in the intervening years I have got married and had three children. One has quiet literally become 5!
The care that Craig and the team gave me enabled me to carry all three pregnancies without complication and in my mind played a hugely significant part in drug free and active births. In addition to that the care I was given days after each birth enabled my pelvis to be realigned and put a spring in my step!
We dont keep coming back because they dont fix the problem – we do it because it helps us stay well! We need to count on all our fingers and toes the times that one or all of us has left Putney Chiropractic feeling better, walking taller, breathing better, feeding better but most of all smiling broader!”
The Prior Family

Testimonial Sarah Griffith
  • Sarah Griffith

I first met Edwina from Putney Chiropractic at a fair several years ago, and spoke to her about my lower back pain. I also suffered from eczema, and had been labelled as ‘highly allergic’: to pollen, to peanuts, even some fresh fruit and vegetables. I had to carry adrenalin with me at all times, it was a constant stress.
Edwina explained to me that the back pain was a symptom indicating that my health in general was not as good as it could be, and that different life stressors seemed to be causing problems in my body. She explained that physical as well as emotional stress can contribute to this, hence at times of increased stress my back pain could feel worse.
Looking back I realise it took great dedication, but was worth every penny. Working with Edwina was a life changing experience which also prepared my body and mind for a successful and happy pregnancy, which may not have been the case if I had not been introduced to PCC.

Testimonial Mark B
  • Mark B

‘In 1999 I was referred to Craig @putneychiropractic by Sports Masseur John Young, after suffering with back problems for nearly 10 years. During this time I would often spend days and occasionally weeks in bed, not being able to work or carry out everyday activities. I tried osteopathy, acupuncture and finally deep tissue massage. After an initial consultation and X-ray, Craig diagnosed my problem and along with a course of treatment recommended a number of exercises to strengthen my back and central core. 12 years on I have still not suffered a relapse of my initial problem and thanks to Putney Chiropractic’s and Craig’s promotion of well being and healthy living, I am now a regular participant in triathlons and road cycling races, something I could not have imagined myself doing back in 1999.
Keep up the great work… ‘
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Testimonial Tim Brabants
  • Tim Brabants

The highly qualified team of chiropractors at Putney Chiropractic Centre including Dr Craig McLean, have been helping me to perform as best I can through regular adjustments since early 2006. Chiropractic uses safe and gentle techniques that remove interference to and optimise the function of the nervous system and spine, allowing the body to heal itself and restore balance to health and life.”

Testimonial Warren's Story
  • Warren's Story

Warren is one of Britain’s leading professional freeskier’s and an Internationally Qualified Performance Coach (ISIA and IVSI). He spent many years as both a pro-skier and more recently as a coach teaching recreational skiers, developing ski instructors and coaching skiing athletes all over Europe.
“It became apparent to me a decade ago that many of the skiers I was coaching, from athletes to intermediate recreational skiers, had major differences between the left and right side of their body. In being more specific, usually one leg had stronger rotational power than the other.
“It was in 1999 that I started working with Chiropractors to find out more about the treatment for these issues. The best option came from adjustments to get the skeleton in a more symmetrical position, stretching with specific muscles, strength building with muscles needed for skiing and develop of the core strength.”
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Testimonial Sophie Hosking
  • Sophie Hosking
  • Olympic Champion

Sophie Hosking together with Kat Copeland are the Olympic Champions in the Lightweight Women’s Double Scull. Sophie trains in Putney at London Rowing Club with coach Paul Reedy and we were proud at Putney Chiropractic to help Sophie in the lead up to her London 2012 Olympic campaign.

Performance and recovery enhancement
It was an absolute pleasure working with such a professional athlete who left nothing to chance and was always on the lookout for anything that may give her the edge. She added chiropractic adjustments to her training program in December 2011 not because she had back pain but because it kept her feeling relaxed and contributed in various ways to an improved recovery and structural and neurological performance. Well done Sophie you did your country proud, congratulations on being part of the GB ‘greatest team ever’

Testimonial Tammy’s Story
  • Tammy’s Story

Tammy Parlour is a 4th degree black belt in the Korean martial art of Hapkido, having practiced for over 30 years. She founded Chang’s Hapkido Academy UK, a full-time martial arts and meditation school in central London. She is doing a part-time MSc in Strength & Conditioning and is Co-founder of the Women’s Sport Trust.

“As a sports person my body can take quite a beating. What I like about Putney Chiropractic is that first, and most importantly, the treatment works – since first coming to Putney Chiropractic in 2004, my range of movement has increased and my pain has decreased. Secondly, I like that Craig understands who I am and how important being in the best physical condition possible is to both my well-being and my livelihood. I see regular treatment as integral to my ability to perform into old age at an optimum level within my sport; and I actively recommend Putney Chiropractic to others.”

We have verbal consent to share Tammy’s story with you. This is a personal account of an individual experience. Everyone is different and Putney Chiropractic makes no claims to help every person with every problem.

Testimonial Robyn's Story
  • Robyn's Story

What injuries prevented you from running the 2012 marathon?

After completing over 100 miles of running in preparation for the 2012 London Marathon my dreams were dashed when in the middle of my last long training run, 2 weeks before the big day I felt an acute pain in my left shin. Having been rescued from the middle of Richmond park and after a number of x-rays and scans I was diagnosed with a stress fracture…game over. I was gutted but as I had a ballot place was able to defer my place to 2013 and after a period of time on crutches and building up the strength in my leg I was back in my running shoes and looking forward to getting training again.

How did you feel your body performed in the lead up to and during the London marathon 2013?

I decided that I needed to make some changes to my training and that my mantra for 2013 would be ‘less is more’ in terms of running training and that my overall goal would be to forget about training for a specific time and that making the start line fit and uninjured would be my biggest goal…getting round 26.2 miles after that would be a bonus! So that’s where Putney Chiro came in. I initially booked a consult with Dr Craig for my daughter Georgie (8) a competitive gymnast after being recommended by a running buddy who regularly takes her kids in to see him.

Craig’s explanation on the benefits of regular spinal adjustments made a lot of sense to me and particularly resonated given my history of injury and back pain stemming from a career as a rower in my teens and 20′s and then exacerbated by pregnancies in my 30′s. I booked in and never looked back. Whilst my 2012 ‘season’ was plagued with niggly injuries, back pain, hip pain, foot pain… with regular adjustments I felt so much more balanced and was able to stick to my programme without having to take regular time out for niggles to clear up. The biggest difference was in my lower back, the stem of all my problems, which improved dramatically and consequently hip and heel problems did not reappear and I managed to clock up some pretty consistent mileage in preparation for the big day. I also found Putney Chiro to be a great source of positive energy and inspiration and it felt good to have them on my team, willing me on!

On the day of the race I went to Blackheath feeling in great shape and ready to enjoy what turned out to be a fantastic experience. The first 20 miles were great….the last 6 pretty hard, but due to fatigue rather than pain. I finished in a respectable time of 4.13 and most importantly feel inspired to continue my running, in fact I’ve already signed up for next year.

Big thanks to Craig and the team for all your support and encouragement.