Deniz’s story

deniz2“The 3 day stop-start exhausting and excruciating labour, which nearly ended in a caesarian had left me with a very irritable baby, drugged and tired, and a poor feeder. Of course I had received all the drugs possible in labour and was very weak and sick after the delivery and could barely hold my baby for a few days.

My husband and I were very traumatised (me more so!) and was frightened to repeat the same experience again. When I became pregnant 2 years later I decided to do something about the situation to help. After researching the net on chiropractic care in pregnancy and how it can help pregnancy ailments and an easier more comfortable labour, I came to see Dr Craig.

After examination and investigation of my past history it appeared that a few injuries I had sustained in pregnancy and before pregnancy (slipping on ice, a car accident) had thrown my body out of shape causing the difficult labour and delivery and other health problems.

I started my care with Putney chiropractic at 34 weeks pregnancy and happily went right the way through to the end, as I felt so good and had none of the usual aches and pains other pregnant women suffered with.

The result was a fantastic 1.5 hour labour from start to finish with absolutely no need for any pain relief. The birth was so wonderful and manageable I can say I only had around 4 painful contractions or less.

I am really glad I took the step to correct the issues with my body and I have a 8lbs 09oz healthy, content baby who feeds and sleeps beautifully.”

Deniz Ekrem

[highlight2]This is a personal account of an individual experience. Every body is different and Putney Chiropractic makes no claims to help every person with every problem.[/highlight2]