Teenagers and Chiropractic

Our Teenage years are a stressful time, not just due to all those hormones flying around the place, but also because of the huge changes that our bodies go through during this time. Chiropractic is an effective way of relieving those stresses placed on the body and ensuring their bodies grow to be as strong and healthy as they can.

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Being a teenager is not always fun and with changes taking place in education, social expectations and lifestyle, the amount of stress placed on them is piling up. Pressure to do well at school, long hours preparing for exams, carrying heavy bags of books and extended use of computers and electronic devices are all placing strain on their bodies. Add to this a reduction of active pursuits and general exercise and the result is health and postural problems that can be carried through to adult life.


At the other end of the spectrum, the professionalisation of children’s sport means that adult injuries are creeping in to children’s sports such as rugby, football, cricket and rowing. At this age, the body does not always have the strength to cope with these injuries and to sustain them while the body is still developing can have a great effect on their development and future health.

How Chiropractic can help

Chiropractic works on the idea that in order to be truly healthy, the spine and the central nervous system need to be functioning efficiently so that information to the rest of the body can flow freely. Poor posture, stress, prolonged sitting and use of electronic devices and injuries are all responsible for disrupting this flow of information to and from the central nervous system. Blocking this flow of information significantly reduces the body’s ability to self heal and increases the risk of problems carrying into adult life.