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Summer Skiing in Saas Fee

The Doc a welcome sight
Dr Craig has been bio-mechanics and physiology expert with the Warren Smith Ski Academy for over 5 years and he made a trip out to the Swiss Alps, Saas Fee in August to offer advice to any of the academy clients who are studying for their BASI ski instructor exams.

He set up a clinic for the interested students in resort and helped them remove biomechanical blockages which impaired their ability to complete some of the tasks set by the academy coaches. He used a combination of spinal adjustments and specific stretching and strengthening exercises. Chiropractic can compliment the great coaching and technical advice offered by the Academy team, but is not a replacement for the excellent tuition. The summer and winter courses are immensely popular and sell out very quickly.

It’s a long way up, but worth the wait
Summer skiing on the glacier. It’s a weird concept, with the temperature at 35 degrees in the valley floor, to get a lift to 3300m and have a morning skiing. I can highly recommend any keen skiers to consider this as a summer holiday destination.

Here’s a clip of Vanessa Sharples photographing Warren Smith on the glacier for the Daily Mail.