Stephanie’s story

“Running ultra marathons without a chiropractor – bad idea…. I went into see a chiropractor in South London, Dr Craig McLean at Putney Chiropractic Centre, for a much-needed crack of my geriatric back. He did a very thorough assessment as I nattered away about my “robust” injury history.

After seeing the state of my right hip, he asked “So Stephanie, how are you going to run this race on one leg?” After replying that I hoped it would be a loop course, he went about his business, adjusting me from the neck down to the foot (for which I am very grateful!!). The adjustments definitely helped, but there is only so much one doctor can do!”

Stephanie Case

Read more about Stephanie’s racing in her blog. Here’s the intro:

    “I’m a 28 year old Canadian ultra runner whose love for running often outshines her ability! When I’m not out having a blast on the road or trail, I work as a lawyer in international human rights. At the moment, I’m completing an LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (that’s a mouthful). I’ve competed in a number of RacingThePlanet’s 250 km self-supported footraces (1st in Vietnam and 2nd in Australia) and been lucky enough to win Vermont’s 100 mile endurance race in 2009. I’ve been training under ultrarunner and world record holder Ray Zahab since 2008 and can’t wait for my next ultramarathon race.”
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