Staying healthy through the school holidays

The school holidays are now in full swing and keeping the kids happy, entertained and enthusiastic for 6 weeks can sometimes be a tall order…as can keeping them fit and healthy.

Good health and wellbeing isn’t something that can be dipped in and out of. It’s not a pot of hummus. It’s a way of life, a choice and something that requires active participation and a degree of effort and commitment. While it’s something that can be worked towards at anytime by anyone, it’s much better if the seeds for a healthy lifestyle are sown early in life.

Active kids are healthy kids and healthy kids are the ones who develop better, in mind, body and emotional wellbeing. We know from experience that the school holidays can be some of the hardest times to keep active and healthy which is why we’ve put these tips together as a guide to have a healthy, happy holidays.


  1. Keep them active

Getting out and about is a great way to keep the kids healthy. It could be something as simple as a picnic at the park or maybe something more adventurous like wild swimming. They could even take up a new sport to try their hand at, there’s plenty of clubs who run special deals through the holidays.

Being more active is something that will benefit everyone. A recent survey from the British Chiropractic Association found 86% of those surveyed experience neck or back pain on a regular basis – a 10% rise in last year’s figures. The biggest culprit is a lack of regular movement.


  1. Fuel them well

Good nutrition and diet form the cornerstones for better wellbeing. School holidays can be a time full of sugary snacks, fizzy drinks and fast-food treats. These should definitely be the exception rather than the rule.

Why not take them strawberry picking and then whizz up a super-tasty smoothy with the fruit and some yogurt as an alternative to a milkshake? Or use them to make homemade ice lollies?

Good nutrition helps the body find and develop its natural rhythm meaning energy levels stay consistent through the day and then welcome a recharge when it comes to sleep.


  1. Limit screen time

Be it a smartphone, a tablet or a TV screen the problem will always be the same; hunched backs and necks. Craning over a screen is terrible for posture and will throw the spine out of alignment. This then stops the nervous system, and therefore the whole body, functioning as it should do. By limiting the amount of time they spend in front of a screen you’ll also limit the amount of damage they are doing to their spine.

And if you fancy doing something really different in the school holidays why not bring the kids in to see us? The central nervous system is crucial for learning new skills and absorbing information so keeping it healthy and functioning well is an extremely effective way to aid your child’s development.

Drop us a line or give us a call if you’d like to find out more or book an initial consultation.