Stay healthy during the party season

Dr Edwina’s top 4 strategies to boost your immune system at Christmas. Too many late nights, parties and stress at this time of the year often lead to us succumbing to fatigue and illness.

1. Make sure your nervous system is in good working order: Did you know that your body is really good at defending itself from germs and viruses? Your nervous system is responsible for coordinating this immune response, so a healthily functioning spine and nervous system is essential! Chiropractic is a great way to keep your nervous system and immune system in tip top shape.

2. Make your health a priority. “Too busy” to keep up your normal healthy habits? Ironically, when you are most busy or stressed (ie: when you feel least able to spare the time), this is when you most need to be kind to yourself

3. Plan next years health strategy now. Health strategy? What’s that I hear you say? It makes sense to plan your healthcare just like you would your career or financial development. Chiropractic and dental checkups, regular exercise planning, and healthy eating planning are just a few ways to do this.

4. Take time out and learn to say ‘no’. Do you really need to go to the farewell drinks of your friends’ friend? Do you know you need a night at home? Is it possible to plan ahead and shop online rather than rushing down to the high street on your day off? Prioritise your rest time!