Start the day with a difference – breakfast

New strategies for a healthier you- Dr Bec’s New Year ‘Resolution’

‘To think clean and fresh at breakfast’

A new year calls for new strategies to create a healthier you. This should not be about ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ (because we all know they work so well!), it’s about creating healthy habits- for life!

Not many things in life are as healthy as a good dose of fruit and veg. Yet, do you eat enough? The experts tell us that the nutrient content of much of our fruit and vegetables is 80% less than it was 2 generations ago. This means that we should, ideally, be eating 5 times more fruit and vegetables than our ancestors to get the same nutrients, yet I can almost guarantee we are eating less. Raw foods are vital to good health, yet we seem to insist on cooking most of our vegetables, killing many of the valuable enzymes that our body needs as part of the healing and repair process.

Our body has a natural digestive cycle that runs through three, eight hour cycles each day. Many health problems stem from disruption to this natural pattern. Good digestive health revolves around your body’s ability to turn naturally through these cycles comfortably, for this to occur you need to understand the importance of timing and food choices throughout the day.

Noon-8pm: Appropriation of food (eating and digestion)
This is when you should eat the majority of your food. Try to keep your food as water based as possible (aiming for 80% fresh or from kitchen garden). Eat small amounts on a regular basis (every 3 hours or so). Ideally we should be finished with our evening meal by 8pm, however this is harder for those who work late and need time to prepare a healthy meal.

8pm-4am: Assimilation of food (absorption and use)
This is when your body extracts and uses all the nutrients from your food (while you rest). Try to give yourself 2 hours between finishing your evening meal and heading to bed. Your body uses this time while you rest to crank up the digestion without interruption from work, stress, exercise, phone calls etc. At this time your body is putting all of those valuable nutrients to use, replacing sick cells, repair and replenishing your systems.

4am-Noon: Elimination (excretion of waste)
This is when you get rid of the waste. By 4am your body should have processed what it needs, and everything else can be eliminated as waste when you wake up. This cycle is often the most disturbed, and commonly this is due to people eating incorrect foods for breakfast. If wastes are unable to be eliminated they are stored around the body, having a toxic effect and wreak havoc with other systems.

To get your digestive cycles working properly it can be as simple as changing your breakfast habits. A lot of people throw their digestion into turmoil by having breakfast cereals, toast or a big fry-up. Keep the foods you eat before midday limited to fresh fruit or vegies. You can juice vegetables for a nutritious breakfast. If you find you need a bit more substance, pop some nuts (protein will help satisfy you for longer) or oats into a smoothie.

It won’t be long before you notice all this extra fresh fibre cleansing your system, leaving you with more energy, brighter eyes and a clearer mind!