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While we treat an enormous range of aches, pains and ailments at Putney, sport, fitness and sport related injuries are some of our main areas of expertise. We have helped occasional joggers right through to gold medal olympians recover from setbacks and reach their peak performance level. Hear what a range sportsmen and women have to say about Putney below.

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Sport Stories

Testimonial <strong>Tammy's Story</strong>
  • Tammy's Story

Tammy Parlour is a 4th degree black belt in the Korean martial art of Hapkido, having practiced for over 30 years. She founded Chang’s Hapkido Academy UK, a full-time martial arts and meditation school in central London. She is doing a part-time MSc in Strength & Conditioning and is Co-founder of the Women’s Sport Trust.

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Testimonial <strong>Graham's Story</strong>
  • Graham's Story

Graham Bell, BBC Ski Sunday’s presenter and ex world cup and GB Olympian, tells his story about his experience at Putney Chiro “As an ex World Cup Skier I raced for 16 years on the World Cup Downhill circuit skiing in 5 Olympic Games along the way. Inevitably I picked up a number of injuries over that time. When I stopped racing in 1998, I was left with an unstable shoulder that could dislocate at the slightest provocation (throwing a snowball or even rolling over in bed). I had an operation to tighten the ligaments, but a few years later I managed to re-dislocate my shoulder climbing out of the water in a Triathlon.
When I hooked up with Craig McLean I had stopped swimming, and all racquet sports were out of the question. I had lost all confidence in my right shoulder, and was considering a second operation with at least two months recovery time. Craig’s advice was “give me six weeks to work on it and see what we can do to strengthen the muscles supporting the joint, then make up your mind about the op.

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Testimonial <strong>Richard M's Story</strong>
  • Richard M's Story

One significant, and quite unexpected, benefit of the Chiropractic treatment I’ve received from Putney Chiropractic is the near complete elimination of cramp from my racing. Particularly if the event has been tough, in the past I’d really struggle to get through the final hour of Elite races cramp free. However, this has all changed over the last 3 months. While my nutrition, on and off the bike, remains the same, I’m able to push hard through the final hour. Moreover, in the last 3 months, I’ve stepped my racing up to Premier Calendar level, which are much longer and at significantly higher intensity, and still remain cramp free!

Richard Mason – Elite level cyclist – Team Fit-For

Testimonial <strong>Richard S's Story</strong>
  • Richard S's Story

I came to see Craig not because I had a problem to address, but because I wanted to improve my performance on the bike. Craig started work on straightening me out and within a few months was able to demonstrate noticeable improvements in how my muscles were working. In short he made me able to push harder on the pedals and I’ve no doubt he’s made me faster (for far less money) than that new wheel I was looking at!

Richard Simmonds – Cycle coach and national level time trialist

Testimonial <strong> Alistair's Story</strong>
  • Alistair's Story

I started visiting Putney Chiropractic in November 2007. I have been a distance runner for over 20 years and a triathlete for 6 but was considering giving up both due to the frustrations I’d long endured through each new injury sustained as a number of chronic physical problems.
After reading that Dr. Craig was himself a triathlete and wanting to be treated by someone who would better understand, not only my physical ailments, but also the mental frustrations, I commenced the necessarily long road to recovery. It has not been an easy road, as at times I felt I was getting worse rather than better. I continued to train through 2008 but found it difficult and unmotivating but with Dr. Craig’s and the other Putney chiropractors’ expertise and encouragement, I feel my physical obstacles have been completely turned around.

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