Sophie’s story

“I started seeing Edwina five months ago after I hurt my back unloading the dishwasher – I’d had a horse riding accident a few years before and after switching from horse riding to rowing, my back was prone to frequent niggles and the slightest awkward movement could set it off again.

I had to spend weeks at a time out of the boat in an attempt to let the injury settle back down and while my physio was great at trying to keep me training through it, there were still long periods of time where I was having to manage my training around my injury and it was still prone to flaring up.

I tried Chiropractic as a last resort really – I didn’t truly understand it and because of that I had always been a bit skeptical about the benefits. Since coming to the Putney Chiropractic Centre I haven’t had to take any time off training, or switch to the turbo-trainer, despite upping the intensity of my training. I still have appointments once a fortnight just to keep me moving freely and in good health. PREVENTION IS DEFINITELY BETTER THAN CURE!’

Sophie’s crew came 2nd in the club competition for the 2010 Women’s 8 head, a very respectable 8th overall!”

Sophie Theodorou – Thames Rowing Club member
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