Ski Fitness session in Hyde Park

Getting ready for the slopes
Chiropractor Craig McLean joined the Warren Smith Ski Academy at their recent Ski Fitness program held in Hyde Park on Saturday  12th November 2011. Craig’s been working with the academy as a chiropractor and biomechanics/physiology consultant since 2005 and at the London ‘Ski Fitness’ event he took a group of budding academy skiers helping them understand the importance of flexibility and strength to ski technique. All Craig needs is a formal ski qualification and he’ll be able to join the team on the snow!

Getting the best from yourself
Understanding biomechanics of the human frame has always been a big part of what the academy does, if you understand the limitations of your body then you’ll be able to work hard at the gym or on dry land to improve the situation and therefore remove blockages to your learning/technique progression.

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