Ski and Snowboard Show 2011

Dr Craig reports back on the first day at the Ski Show: 
As part of my commitment to the ski industry over the years I’ve been treating some of UK’s best skiers at the ski show since my first visit in 2000.

Pictured right is me with Graham Bell the BBC’s Ski Sunday presenter. He’s trying to get his low back working a little smoother for the coming ski season where you’ll find him doing the test runs on the mens world cup downhill courses.
Pictured left is international free skier Paddy Graham who is the star of this years amazing ‘Legs Of Steel’ movie in partnership with Red Bull, which can be seen for free on his website soon.

Paddy has just undergone shoulder surgery after subluxating it ten times during the season and he is in active rehab. Using some great muscle release techniques I was able to increase Paddy’s shoulder strength and flexibility in the short time we had together at the show.

Above is Hamish Wolfenden from a great ski boot fitter and someone Putney Chiro has been working with for years.

Check out more about what I do with skiers here.