Private Health Insurance

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Do you have private health insurance which covers chiropractic, sitting there, unused, while you’re putting up with back pain or spinal problems?

All of the Chiro.London practices are all covered by the major private health insurers in the UK. This includes, BUPA, AXA PPP, Vitality and all other private health insurers in the UK.

Getting referred is easy. To use your private health insurance you will have to contact your local GP and most of the time simply your GP knowing that you have a problem is enough to get the process started with your insurance company. Most companies require you to get a case number before you can begin and it’s worth checking what exact cover you have (how many visits you’re covered for or the financial limits of your policy).

Around half of our practitioners are covered by BUPA Health insurers. Their standard protocol is that you get a referral from your GP, obtain an authorisation code from BUPA and normally this will provide around five or six initial sessions which will be billed directly to them.

We are covered by AXA PPP. To start your cover apply for an authorisation code from AXA PPP, they normally provide 10 – 12 sessions as standard – however your may be able to receive more if your outpatient quota covers it. The set up with AXA PPP is you, as the patient, would pay for treatment and then AXA PPP would reimburse you.

Vitality & all other insurers in the UK – depending on your policy and whether they have a level of cover for Chiropractic, if they do you will be able to apply for an authorisation code.

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