Sarah’s Story – back pain & stress

“I first met Edwina from Putney Chiropractic at a fair several years ago, and spoke to her about my lower back pain. I also suffered from eczema, and had been labelled as ‘highly allergic’: to pollen, to peanuts, even some fresh fruit and vegetables. I had to carry adrenalin with me at all times, it was a constant stress.

Edwina explained to me that the back pain was a symptom indicating that my health in general was not as good as it could be, and that different life stressors seemed to be causing problems in my body. She explained that physical as well as emotional stress can contribute to this, hence at times of increased stress my back pain could feel worse.

Looking back I realise it took great dedication, but was worth every penny. Working with Edwina was a life changing experience which also prepared my body and mind for a successful and happy pregnancy, which may not have been the case if I had not been introduced to PCC.

I now lead a healthier and happier life, I am completely sold on chiropractic and have also been bringing my 1 year old daughter in for care. We get checked every month and still continue to feel the benefits.”

Sarah Griffith

[highlight3]We have verbal consent to share Sarah’s story with you. This is a personal account of an individual experience. Everyone is different and Putney Chiropractic makes no claims to help every person with every problem.[/highlight3]