Sacha’s story – Marathon des Sable

Sacha’s story – Marathon Des Sable 2011.

His website name says it all. Sacha is not a runner but decided that his next physical challenge would be one that will push his body to the limit – so he signed up for the Marathon des Sable. This event covers almost 250kms of running across the Sahara Desert – that’s the equivalent of about 6 Marathons.

I’ve been looking after Sacha for years keeping his spine in top shape, but when I heard 18 months prior the news of the entry into the MDS we reset the chiropractic treatment program accordingly. The goal with Sacha was to keep his spine free from the build up of stress and tension that running can promote.

Quote from Sacha’s website. “Ok, there’s a good chance of severe dehydration (one IV drip is allowed, a second deems disqualification!), the extreme heat, the distance and the incessant rubbing will no doubt destroy my feet and may cause severe trauma if sand gets inside my trail shoes. I could get lost and have to set off the emergency flare I have to carry. Snake bites are a very real possibility (I have to carry an anti-venom pump).

But I’m up for my next Challenge – a heady mix of both mental and physical extremes. The Sahara evokes a bit of the exotic and this gives me the opportunity to do something I’ve never done before : my very first marathon!”

Email from the Sahara forwarded by Sacha’s other half  “Day 4 done – absolute killer-fairly comfortable for 1st 4 stages, had some food at CP4 – then it was dark & thru the dune section i was by myself & really lost all motivation, stumbling thru & lurching from dune to dune occasionally losing the route just thru no concentration.  finally got to CP5, feeling completely down on energy & wondering whether to sleep til morning. luckily 15 mins later, mark from my tent came thru so started out with him thru the final 2 stages, limping like the walking wounded of Dunkirk! got in at 2.30am, about 17.5 hours later-was 45 deg yesterday! Now got another 2 blisters to add to collection on the ball of each foot-could be painful for tmrw’s marathon stage! thnks so much for chasing everyone to send msgs-definitely needed it after the pain of Day 2- 26  msgs came thru that night!& another 12 the next! hopefully more tonight. the end is in sight now”

As you can see from the attached picture he successfully completed the race – what an achievement. His back was strong throughout most of the pain coming from his the blisters. Awesome effort Sacha. Thanks for letting me share your story.

Craig McLean

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