Return to school family rate

We are committed to promoting health for all the family and in an attempt to make a regular visit to the chiropractor an affordable option for the whole family, we are promoting a special ‘return to school family rate’ if you bring in your family before school starts.

Here’s how it works: if your family comes in before the 8th September 2012, the kids (of any age – baby or school age) essentially come in for half price…

  • Family of 3 = 38+38+19=£95
  • Family of 4 = 38+38+19+19=£114
  • Family of 5 = 38+38+19+19+19=£133 etc….

Full payment is made at the time of the family visit and even if one of your kids has a tennis lesson, or Dad’s at work and you can’t make it as a family, we’ll let you send in the missing person later that day or on another day of that week.

If your child has never been in, we’ll reduce the first visit fee by £50 if they come in before the 8th September, 2012 too!

We love seeing families and are grateful to be a part of helping your family grow straight and strong and stay healthy from the inside out.