Are you ready to ski?

Physical strength and flexibility are so important for skiing and Doc Craig McLean showed us recently why. The perfect storm hit Chamonix in late January 2015, well over a metre of snow fell over a 4 day period and Craig was there to make the most of the perfect conditions (see video of his selfie stick below). The half term holidays are nearly on us and it is vital that to ensure enjoyment of your ski trip you do three things: 

  1. Get you and your family adjusted before and after you go – get your body loose, finely tuned and boost your immune response for all the skiing and apres ski challenges;
  2. Never too late to start stretching, possibly a bit late from strength work – take these videos with you only holiday;
  3. Start the rest, hydration and nutrition blast now! Stay off the booze for a few days, get the juicer – nutri bullet out and eat lean and get loads of sleep – last thing you need is to get run down and ill while skiing.

Skiing and boarding are such great ways to get away from London and take in all the beauty the Alps have to offer. Please look after yourselves and have a great time, I did.

Chemmy and the Channel 4 ‘The Jump’ crew. 
Hope you’ve all been enjoying series 2 of The Jump on Channel 4 – was a good laugh and great to see Putney Chiro clients – Graham Bell (BBC Ski Sunday) and Warren Smith (Ski Academy Verbier) coaching the celebs to be at their best. Chemmy Alcott, 4 x Winter Olympian also popped in last week to start some much needed body reconstruction after a long and gruelling career with too many broken bones to mention here. Her latest thing is doing an arctic race in Greenland – more info here