Prepare for ski with PCC – The Guardian

Give-your-skiing-a-leg-up-007We are committed to helping everyone be the best they can be and know that a body that is aligned and vital will perform better on the mountain, but more importantly will mean a safer ski experience. An added benefit of increased strength and flexibility is a more fun skiing experience, and we think that’s pretty cool too.

We are thrilled to have been included in another fantastic article on preparing for the ski season ahead, this time in the Guardian newspaper. It’s called Ready, Steady, Snow and lists five tips on getting ready for your ski holiday

“With a couple of months to go, you still have time to get fit and ready for the season. Follow our five tips and you’ll really improve your holiday.

Tip one – get fitter
The Putney Chiropractic Clinic (020-8785 6144,, where Ski Sunday’s Graham Bell goes, offer a similar service for £125, analysing your skiing posture, and x-raying problem areas if necessary.”

It’s well worth a look at the whole article for some links to other great sites providing gear, tuition and holidays.

Check out Dr Craig’s new video exercises for flexibility and increasing power to prepare for your season – it’s free!