Pregnancy and chiropractic

It is often said that pregnant women fall into two groups. There are those who thrive during their pregnancy and go on with life as if their body had not changed, then there are the others who suffer from all sorts of pains and discomforts which make pregnancy a difficult time. Regardless of which group you fit into chiropractic care may provide real benefits to maintain your body in optimum condition and reduce the many stresses and problems that may occur during pregnancy.

Body Changes
During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes an incredible number of complex changes in preparation for the growing baby and its delivery. The types of changes the body will experience during pregnancy are:

  • A growing abdomen
  • Increased back curve
  • Changes to the pelvis
  • Posture changes

Each of these changes may place pressure and strain on a number of areas of the body. As the body undergoes these changes it is important that a healthy structural balance is maintained, which in turn will assist to minimise any discomfort and improve the body’s recovery after birth.

Possible pregnancy problems
Over the course of pregnancy a mother’s weight may increase between 13-18kgs, the majority of this will be around the abdomen. This increase in weight may create spinal misalignment and changes in posture which can affect nerves, muscles and the mobility of joints. Using gentle and safe adjustments chiropractic can assist in keeping the spine in optimum balance which may in turn reduce back pain. As the hips expand to stabilise the body and the muscles and ligaments in the pelvis soften in preparation for the birth process pressure is put on the pelvic joints. This may cause functional imbalance in the pelvic structures.

This condition is common and can cause significant pain. Chiropractic care, using gentle and effective techniques realigns the pelvis and in turn may assist in easing this pain. Other areas where chiropractic care may assist some women is in controlling vomiting and reduction in time of labour and delivery. Even if you don’t suffer from any of the aches and pains of pregnancy it is still important to ensure that your body is working at its optimum. Keeping the spine aligned helps the entire body work effectively to support you and your growing baby.

See how chiropractic care can help you and your baby throught your pregnancy.