Preconceptive & Pregnancy Workshop

There are many things that you can do to promote good health when expecting a new addition to the family – but what about beforehand? Preconceptive healthcare (your health before you conceive a child) is every bit as important as your health during pregnancy. If you are expecting a child, or hoping to be, then this is a fantastic opportunity to get some great insights and ask those questions you’ve always wanted to. It’s totally free, partners very welcome to come along too.

Thursday morning – September 8th 2011 – 11am
We are hosting a Preconceptive and Pregnancy Health Workshop at PCC designed to give you the tools for managing your health effectively through all stages of pregnancy. The topics we will be covering include the importance of your nervous system for pelvic alignment and stability, nutrition, different birthing options and relaxation techniques for the mind.

Your physical needs addressed
Dr Edwina Waddell and Dr Bec Gilbert from Putney Chiropractic will be discussing the importance of a stable nervous system for pelvic alignment and stability during pregnancy, and the changing needs of the body as your pregnancy develops. We will also be discussing your nutritional needs in the three months leading up to conception, and the importance of maintaining this as your pregnancy develops.

Your choices for birth and questions answered
Katrina Caslake, an independent midwife and founder of Yours Maternally, will be discussing the birth itself, and the different birth choices you can make.

Your mental needs addressed
Jane Upward offers information on a ‘complete detox of the mind’ which aims to help you let go of any anxieties, fears, and concerns about giving birth. Jane practices NLP and hypnotherapy and uses these tools to help each individual as everyone has different expectations and beliefs. Jane can be found on her ‘Enabling Positive Change’ website.

The talk will run for approximately one hour with time afterwards to speak to the presenters.

Please book at reception or call 020 8785 6144 to reserve a spot as space is limited.