Perfecting posture at Royal Ascot

The ladies and gents of Putney Chiro headed to Royal Ascot last week and put on quite the show.

The ladies were super lucky that we had Lisa Tan, the girlfriend of Drew Martin our practice manager, and milliner to the stars on hand to dress them in some of the most eye-catching hats on show.

This is our attempt at a blatant plug for the amazing work of Lisa who makes all her creations here in London and you all should get in touch for your next day at the races, wedding or next time HRH invites you to tea on the lawn of the palace.


Posture is so important and so commonly poor in our society that insists we spend our days in poor sedentary postures hunched over computers, tablets and smart phones. As you can see in the pictures from Ascot we pride ourselves on excellent spinal health and posture and we are all under weekly checkups because we know it keeps us upright and looking fab. If its been awhile since your last checkup – call us and we’ll pop you on a postural correction plan ready to look amazing.

Perfect posture isn’t attained with chiropractic adjustments alone, have a look at these exercises too –

Royal Ascot Tuesday and Friday

Some went both days, others just one, but there was quite a bit of interest in the hats from Lisa Tan, especially in the British media. Pics appeared in the Telegraph, The Daily Mail and positions 6,8 and 26 in the Cosmopolitan craziest hats of 2016 were secured by our team – (the Queen was number 7)! –

Here’s some pictures from the day, note perfect posture!




Attending were, Drs Craig McLean, Edwina Waddell, Ami-Bree Said, and Mrs Gail Mclean, Lisa Tan, Drew Martin, Dayna Hopwood.