PCC in The Telegraph

Dr Craig has been included as an expert in an extensive article in the weekend Telegraph travel section on preparing your body for the piste and getting fit for the slopes. Here is an excerpt:

Advice and preparation for Skiing
The best way to injure yourself on the slopes is to turn up unfit” says Dr Craig McLean, a ski injury expert, when summing up the importance of preparing for a winter-sports holiday. “And yet, while most of us thoroughly research flights, transfers, equipment rental and accommodation for our mountain break, few give thought to whether we are physically fit and prepared to ski or snowboard.”

The article continues with advice on boot fitting and appropriate equipment, the importance of mountain safety and having a sufficient level of fitness.

“At Putney Chiropractic Centre, McLean has played an integral role in the training and improvement of Graham Bell, Konrad Bartelski and Warren Smith, among others. He advises skiers and boarders to have a full assessment of their range of motion, and flexibility and neuromuscular deficiencies, to determine muscle and core strength, and body- and spatial-awareness problems.

Prepare before you hit the slopes
A tailored programme is subsequently created, combining chiropractic treatment, ski-specific exercises and alignment correction to tackle common problems such as unequal turning, “back-seat” skiing and early leg burn.

McLean has also created a series of exercises to build flexibility, strength and stability and has made them available on his website. He suggests cycling as an excellent way to get fit. “Whether you buy a bike to commute to work, get off the Tube early and grab a Boris Bike for the last few miles, or join a spinning class at your gym, you’ll reap the benefits when you swap pedals for skis” he says. ”

Read the entire Telegraph Article in their excellent Ski section.