Paul C’s story

I’ve been off the bike since April and it was getting pretty frustrating light riding around. Almost installed a basket and bought a bonnet to ride around the park it was getting pathetic.

Had Physio and did core work it just wasn’t working and it was a pretty dark place for the last few months then finally a Consultant told I was just getting to old for it.

You know I’m a total sceptic and tried Craig because what the hell did I have to lose! I’m now back out doing 240 miles a week and the power is starting to arrive back. Climbing coming back slowly and almost back in the Sunday 8 o’clock ride.

Anyway I totally, totally, totally recommend Craig in Putney, first pain free week since April and I’m back on bike and hopefully TTing again in September. Life is a brighter place and actually starting to dream of a dual carriageway!”

Paul Callinan