Paediatric Seminars

This October, Dr Abby Holden and Dr Edwina Waddell attended the Neuro-Impulse Protocol Adjusting the Child seminar in Oxford, while Dr Craig attended the Cranial Specific Technique seminar. The lecturer Dr Neil Davies is a world renowned paediatric chiropractor who practices in South east Australia, seeing exclusively children.

Dr Davies lectures in paediatric neurology at RMIT University in Australia and is a leading expert in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological problems in children.

Why is Chiropractic so great for kids?
The birthing process can put a lot of pressure on the sensitive spine and nervous system of the newborn child, causing a wide variety of problems such as poor sleeping, colic, reflux amongst other things. Careful examination of the child will often reveal a simple biomechanical problem that will respond well to gentle chiropractic care.

Continued studies
Drs Holden and Waddell both aim to do more postgraduate paediatric training with Dr Neil Davies, and hope to join his medical team in Thailand rebuilding the lives of families affected by poverty in this part of the world.