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All about us

We are a group of highly experienced London Chiropractors who have been serving the Putney community since 1988. We have 5-6 outstanding Chiropractors in our team who posses a wealth of experience, are passionate about wellness and strive to make a real difference to the clients in their care.

Our aim is to help as much as we can, in the best way that we can, as quickly as we can. We like to ensure that everyone who walks through our door is totally informed about their body, their potential for healing and how Chiropractic works.

Through education and clarity we believe our clients can make informed decisions for themselves and their families. All of our Chiropractors are regularly adjusted, as are their families and friends.

Our main objective is to spread the message that Chiropractic is an effective, non-invasive, drug-free path to better health.

Why come to see us?

People first come to see us for a wide variety of reasons. Many contact us due to back pain, sciatica and other spinal or pain-related issues, but we pride ourselves on how many people stay with us because they feel great with Chiropractic care. We also have many families visiting for regular adjustments, while others find us during pregnancy or after birth.

Our team loves sport and we are increasingly seeing new clients who understand that alignment is key to top level performance in their chosen field. Many professional sportspeople have Chiropractors on tour with them to ensure they stay balanced and at full strength in training and competition.

Clients are also referred to us by GPs, surgeons, nutritionists, ski boot fitters, tennis coaches, naturopaths and many more.  Chiropractic is not an alternative treatment – it is complementary to all of these other professions and we are proud to be the choice of so many.

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